Modeling and Fashion Design

Modeling 101

  • Learn the basics of posing, including how to hold your body, position your limbs, and make subtle facial expressions to convey different moods and emotions.
  • Develop skills in runway walking, including posture, stride, and footwork, to master the art of walking in high heels and confidently presenting clothing on the catwalk.
  • Gain an understanding of the fashion industry and the different types of modeling opportunities available, from print and commercial modeling to high fashion and editorial work.
  • Receive guidance on skincare, makeup, and haircare to ensure you are always camera-ready and presenting your best self to potential clients and agencies.
  • Learn about the business side of modeling, including how to work with agents, negotiate contracts, and navigate the sometimes challenging world of the fashion industry.

Intro to Dress Making 

  • Learn the basics of sewing and garment construction, including how to use a sewing machine, select fabrics, and take accurate body measurements.
  • Gain an understanding of pattern making and how to interpret and adjust patterns to achieve the desired fit and style for your dress.
  • Develop skills in cutting, pinning, and sewing fabric to create a finished garment, with guidance on finishing techniques such as hemming and seam finishing.
  • Learn about different types of dress styles, including A-line, shift, wrap, and more, and explore how to customize designs to suit your personal preferences and body shape.
  • Receive guidance on sourcing materials, selecting appropriate fabrics, and building a basic sewing kit to continue your dress making practice at home.