Intro to Photography

Intro to Photography



The aim of this course is to support you as you begin developing your photography skills.


This course is designed for learners aged 16 years or over who wish to gain the knowledge and fundamentals of photography as a creative career opportunity.


These units will together help you to develop your photographic eye, learn about lighting, understand the technical aspects of using a camera, understand colour theory, basic editing skills, set etiquette and learn new techniques, as well as improve your marketing and content creation skills, business plans, organisation, branding, and brand voice.




Photography Units:

  • Establishing your style
  • Studio lighting & Natural lighting
  • Editing tips and techniques
  • On-set etiquette, communication, working as a team and directing skills
  • Branding, professional photography and how to show up as a professional
  • Photoshoot where you take the reigns and create a photography plan to follow



You will learn about the different styles of photography, how to frame, direct and capture your vision & develop the knowledge and skills to be able to work the camera, set up the studio and direct your own photoshoot.


Throughout these units:

  • Each learner will have a one-to-one at the end of each week with their tutor providing regular updates on your progress both verbally and in written feedback.


  • Create your professional photography portfolio and learn the style that fits you best and that you want to continue pursuing.


  • Lessons including exploring creative industry paths that these skills are perfect for & that align with your ambitions to pursue after the course.


  • Complete theory work and complete activities in lessons and as homework.


  • Learn through lessons, group discussions, hands-on experience, trial & error and research.


  • Development of your professional social media presence on the platforms right for your goals & what you want to achieve.


  • As well as lessons on branding, self-employment, exploring creative business paths that these skills are perfect for & that align with your ambitions to pursue after the course.



Following successful completion of this course, you will be able to progress to full or part-time photography or go onto another creative course.



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