GMUA have worked with many people from marginalised or vulnerable areas of society, some who deal with mental health issues or have just never had the opportunity to shine. We aim to give them the tools to shine and prosper in their area of creativity and our courses offer real-life work experience. The skills we teach encourage students to fulfil their aspirations like becoming their own boss with our self-employment and social entrepreneur training, which has been highly successful with Global training makeup artists who have gone on to achieve teacher training courses with us and furthered their own careers.


One of our services, Operation Princess, is an amazing way we like to put our makeup and hair talents together to serve women of all races, backgrounds and religions to help them look and feel like a princess again. We will bring our caring team in anywhere from schools and hospitals to institutes and prisons and we can tailor our services specifically to fit any requirements.

How we can support you

Apprenticeship Training and Placements


We are hoping to offer Apprenticeship training as well as apprenticeship placements in the many salons, film productions companies and makeup retails companies we work within the very near future.

We work with many agencies who refer students to us as we have smaller classes where we offer support adapted to any learning need, as well as 121 support if needed. All our classes have two tutors; 1 who is fully qualified and 1 who is training. Thes classes are never over 12 students as we value time with our students to make sure they are learning and participating and enjoying the classes.


Placements and Traineeships


We offer placements in our main city locations for students to get hands-on experience of the makeup, hair and film industries in safe environments aground the UK with specialised skills and fashion make up trends to keep them up to date. Global can even come to your venue to deliver masterclasses or courses of 6 or more for fast track CPD sessions. We hope to offer traineeships to 16-18 year old within 5 different creative pathways that include Fashion, SFX, Media, Music Video and Bridal Hair and Makeup.

Funding and Alternative Education


We can support Schools with their 14-18 vocational classes and deliver professional qualifications inside the school alongside their current curriculum. We also offer alternative education qualifications, sessions or classes, workshops to all those students that would benefit from a more creative and hands-on approach to learning.


Continual Professional Development


Available to all Makeup and Hair professionals, teachers in schools, colleges and academies to perfect or learn new skills and techniques to keep up with the learning standards as they develop.


We have a variety of working and fully qualified industry professionals ready to teach up to date techniques, excellent product information and demonstrations. We can tailor our CPD training to your company’s requirements as well as travel to deliver CPD at your venue if you have 5+ lecturers attending the sessions. Global Makeup Certificates will be issued with all CPD undertaken. Please get in touch to find out further information, times, prices and group discounts available.