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The aim of this course is to support you to overcome barriers to entering work. This course is designed for learners aged 18-24 years or over who wish to improve their chances of gaining employment.  



These units will together help you to overcome the barriers to entering work and improve your chances of employment.




This course is made up of six units including:

This course is made up of six units including, searching for a job, applying for a job, interview skills, and safe learning in the workplace.  

Throughout these units you will carry out research into employment opportunities and identify jobs that match your skills and requirements.  

You will learn about the different methods of applying for jobs including the applying for jobs online. You will also develop the knowledge and skills to prepare for, undertake and review your own performance at an interview, outlining actions to improve performance at future interviews. You will also develop the skills to carry out risk assessments in the workplace. 

Title: Job Ready: Preparing for Employment 

Overview: The Job Ready course is designed to equip young adults aged 18-24 with the skills and knowledge needed to enter the workforce with confidence. The course will cover a range of topics, including life skills, the world of work, job applications, interview techniques, and work placements. 


Unit 1: Life Skills 

  • Understanding budgeting and money management 
  • Developing personal resilience and self-care strategies 


Unit 2: The World of Work 

  • Understanding the expectations and behaviours required in the workplace 
  • Timekeeping and attendance 
  • Employer expectations and duties 


Unit 3: Job Applications 

  • Different methods of job searching including digital channels and social media 
  • Writing a tailored CV, cover letter, and application 


Unit 4: Interview Techniques 

  • Virtual practice interviews using Zoom/Teams 
  • Role-play sessions to improve group participation in interviews 


Unit 5: Building Confidence and Motivation 

  • Strategies for building confidence and overcoming obstacles 
  • Identifying personal motivators and goal setting 


Unit 6: Work Placement 

  • A short work placement in a real work environment to be arranged with a suitable employer 

Assessment: Students will be assessed through a combination of written assignments, role-playing, and practical assessments during their work placement. Regular feedback and support will be provided throughout the course to help students achieve their goals and prepare for employment. 

Duration: 3 days per week for 4 weeks (total of 12 days) 





Throughout these units:
You will complete theory work and be put into pairs completing activities. You will learn through lessons, group discussions and research. 


Each learner will have a one to one at the end of each week with their tutor they will give you regular updates on your progress both verbally and in written feedback. 


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