Intro into Dress Making

 Intro into Dress Making




The aim of this course is to support you in the beginning of your journey into becoming a dress maker.    



Course Units:

  • Introduction to Sewing: Students would learn the basics of sewing by hand and using a sewing machine, including how to thread the machine, select and adjust stitches, and troubleshoot common sewing machine issues.


  • Pattern Making: This unit will cover how to read and adjust commercial patterns, or even create your own patterns from scratch using a variety of techniques, including draping fabric on a dress form.


  • Fabric Selection and Preparation: Students would learn how to select and prepare fabrics for sewing, including how to choose the right fabric for a specific project, how to pre-wash and care for fabric, and how to cut fabric accurately using a rotary cutter or scissors.


  • Garment Construction Techniques: In this unit, students would learn a variety of techniques for constructing a garment, including how to sew darts, pleats, gathers, and zippers, as well as how to finish seams and hems for a professional look.


  • Dress Styles and Customization: Students would explore different dress styles, such as A-line, shift, and wrap dresses, and learn how to customize patterns and designs to suit their individual preferences and body types.


  • Finishing Techniques and Embellishments: This final unit would cover a range of finishing techniques to give a professional touch to a finished garment, including adding lining, applying bias tape, and using decorative trims, as well as how to incorporate embellishments like buttons, beading, and embroidery.


will complete theory work will learn through lessons, group discussions and research, practical work and run throughs. 



Course Progression:

Following successful completion of this course, you will be able to progress to a higher-level course in Fashion to continue in your profession development.






Questions about the course and quires about Costs:

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