Modelling 101: The fundamentals 

 Modelling 101 the Fundamentals




The aim of this course is to support you to overcome barriers to entering the modelling industry. This course is designed for learners aged 19 years or over who wish to improve their chances of signing with an agency and gaining employment within the industry.  

It’s our job to provide the right support and guidance to our students. along with industry knowledge and meaningful mentoring. This is particularly relevant to models who may be lacking in confidence or those who lack a supportive network.  



Course Units:

  • Intro into modeling, Different types of modeling, tips on how to spot scams 
  • How to use good lighting/posture/ headshots 
  • Personal Appearance/ conduct/ personal hygiene 
  • Portfolio management + Social Media influence & Marketing
  • How to runway walk and how to pose/Test Shoots 
  • How to pick the right agent.


will complete theory work will learn through lessons, group discussions and research, practical work and run throughs. 



Course Progression:

Following successful completion of this course, this will lead you to applying to a modelling agency.  






Questions about the course and quires about Costs:

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