Social Media Marketing

 Social Media Marketing




The aim of this course is to support you as you begin developing your social media marketing skills. This course is designed for learners aged 19 years or over who wish to gain the knowledge and fundamentals of using social media as a creative marketing and business tool. 


These units will together help you to improve your marketing and content creation skills, business plans, organisation, branding, and brand voice. 



Course Units:

  • How it can be used to your advantage
  • Plan creative ideas for establishing professional identity (who you are and what you will be posting about)
    social media etiquette (continuity, social skills, critiquing, creativity, etc)
  • Demographics, tone of voice, aesthetic, understanding analytics
  • Branding, professional photography and how to show up as a professional
  • Finalizing the basic foundations of your profiles


You will learn about the different methods of building your professional profiles. You will also develop the knowledge and skills to develop and critique your own ideas and plans, outlining actions to implement. 



Course Content:

  • You will complete theory work and completing activities in lesson and a s homework. You will learn through lessons, group discussions, hands on experience, trial and error and research.


  • you will achieve the creation and development of your professional social media presence on the platforms that are right for your goals and what you want to achieve. These skills involve lessons including branding, self-employment, exploring creative business paths that these skills are perfect for & that align with your ambitions to pursue after the course  






Course Progression:

Students can progress onto other non-accredited and accredited courses if they choose.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Intro to Photography
  • Level 1 VTCT Hair Styling
  • Level 1/2 SkillsFirst Employability




Questions about the course and quires about Costs:

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