Male Set Shaving Skills

Male Set Shaving Skills 




This 6-week course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to deliver male grooming services. Students will learn how to provide a professional set and shave service to male clients in a safe and hygienic manner. They will also learn how to identify different skin and hair types and recommend suitable grooming products to clients.



Course Units:


Week 1: Introduction to Wet Shaving: Benefits and Equipment 

Week 2: Basic Shaving Technique and Maintenance 

Week 3: Advanced Shaving Techniques and Skin Care 

Week 4: Exploring Different Types of Razors and Blades 

Week 5: Personalized Shaving Styles and Grooming Routines 

Week 6: Shaving for Special Occasions and Sustainability in Shaving. 


By the end of this course, students can expect to have gained the skills and knowledge required to deliver a professional set and shave service to male clients. They will also have developed an understanding of business skills required to start and grow a successful male grooming business.


Questions about the course and quires about Costs:

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