Intro to Drag Makeup & Styling

 Intro to Drag Makeup & Styling




The aim of this course is to give you a taster of what Drag makeup is all about. This course shows you the basics of different styles of drag looks, how to put together a cohesive look & how to pose for photoshoots and runways.



Course Units:

Unit 1: Drag Makeup Techniques and Skills

  • Consultation sheet
  • Preparing and prepping the skin
  • Color correction techniques
  • Contouring techniques
  • Brow covering skills
  • Blending techniques


Unit 2: Drag Style and Outfit Planning

  • Recap of makeup techniques
  • PowerPoint on styles of drag
  • Discussion and demo on padding, outfits, heels, accessories, hair, etc.
  • Plan outfit
  • Moodboard


Unit 3: Finalizing Drag Look Design

  • Finalize design ideas for hair, body, outfit, shoes, and accessories
  • Moodboard
  • Full day makeup practical


Unit 4: Runway Planning and Confidence Building

  • Discuss and plan ideas for the runway, including posing, walking in heels, and improving confidence in front of the camera
  • Full day makeup practical with photoshoot


Unit 5: Collaborating with Dress Making Class and Perfecting the Look

  • Collab with Dress Making class on full look for the runway
  • Makeup and outfit perfecting session with 1-2-1 support/feedback
  • Design and planning day with photoshoot
  • Moodboard
  • Practical


Unit 6: Runway Day

  • Runway prep
  • Full day practical
  • Create own look complete with full body/pads, outfit, hair, makeup, heels, accessories, etc.
  • Photoshoot and Runway!



Course Content:

  • Drag makeup techniques, including color correction, contouring, blending, and brow covering
  • Preparing and prepping the skin for drag makeup
  • Drag style and outfit planning, including selecting outfits, heels, accessories, and hair
  • Designing a complete drag look, including hair, body, outfit, shoes, and accessories
  • Runway planning and preparation, including posing and walking in heels
  • Improving confidence in front of the camera
  • Collaborating with dress making class to create a cohesive runway look
  • Receiving and implementing 1-2-1 support and feedback
  • Creating a moodboard to visualize and plan the drag look
  • Conducting a makeup practical, including full-day makeup sessions and photoshoots
  • Creating a full drag look, including full body/pads, makeup, outfit, heels, and accessories
  • Showcasing the full drag look on the runway.





Course Progression:

Students can progress onto other non-accredited and accredited courses if they choose.

  • Intro to Film & Story Boarding
  • Level 1 VTCT Hair Styling
  • Level 2 VTCT Makeup Artistry
  • Level 3 VTCT Media Makeup




Questions about the course and quires about Costs:

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