Bridal Make Up & Hair

Bridal Make Up & Hair




This 6-week course aims to provide students with the foundational knowledge and practical skills needed to create stunning bridal makeup and hair looks. Through a combination of theory and hands-on practice, students will learn about the different makeup and hair techniques used in bridal styling, and the skills needed to create long-lasting, polished, and beautiful looks for brides.



Course Units:


Week 1: Introduction to Bridal Makeup and Hair 

Week 2: Skin Care and Preparation 

Week 3: Bridal Makeup Techniques 

Week 4: Bridal Hair Techniques 

Week 5: Creating Bridal Looks 

Week 6: Advanced Bridal Makeup and Hair Techniques 

Week 6: Advanced Wig Styling 


Throughout the course, you’ll have plenty of hands-on practice, working with real clients to perfect your skills. You’ll learn about the latest trends and techniques in bridal hair and makeup, as well as how to provide an exceptional client experience.

Our course will also cover the business side of bridal hair and makeup, including how to market your services, create a bridal contract, and manage your time on the day of the wedding.


Assessment will be based on practical skills demonstrated during class, completion of assignments, and a final project. Progress will be tracked through individual feedback from the instructor, peer evaluations, and self-reflection. 


Upon completion of the course, students can expect to have a solid understanding of bridal makeup and hair styling and the ability to confidently create beautiful and personalized bridal looks. 




Questions about the course and quires about Costs:

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